Our new Masterclasses have been created to showcase an ingredient or technique and explore them in greater detail. Our fun and relaxed Masterclasses are a perfect way to spend time with friends and family and to pick up some useful tips and techniques along the way.

In our Chocolate Masterclass you will learn how chocolate is made and taste a variety of different strengths. We will melt chocolate to make bark and finally make a ganache and use it to make tartlets. Pure indulgence all the way. A chocoholics dream.

Our flatbreads Masterclass will showcase making savoury and sweet flatbreads using some of the more unusual flours and flavourings. From using Gram flour to make an aromatic and spicy gluten free flatbread to using dates and tahina for a sweet one.

Chillies are not just about heat and our Chilli Masterclass will highlight some of the huge variety of chillies that are available.  We will introduce you to sweet, smoky and of course spicy chillies and make a dish highlighting a sweet and smoky mexican chilli pepper and an italian recipe using fresh green chillies.

Course Details

1.5 hr course £35 per head

Skill Level

Following a recipe and a basic understanding of skills such as chopping, sautéing,
baking is required.



Masterclasses Course

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Choose from one of our range of exciting new Masterclasses and enjoy a fun and relaxed session at Kitchen Skills.

Chocolate Masterclass – Chocolate tasting – making a Ganache, chocolate bark and chocolate tartlets.

Dates: 7th, 21st,  Oct –  14th 22nd Nov  – 1st, 11th Dec

Flatbread Masterclass – Creating savoury and sweet flatbreads using a variety of flours and flavourings

Dates:    8th, 25th Oct  – 18th, 28th Nov  –  2nd, 14th Dec

Chilli Masterclass – Tasting and learning about a variety of chillies and cooking a dish highlighting them.

Dates: 6th, 17th Oct  –  17th, 27th Nov – 7th, 19th Dec


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