Middle Eastern Mezze

Hummus, Beetroot Labne & Marinated labne balls

Middle Eastern Mezze

Come and be inspired by the flavours and spices of the Middle East and learn how to create a variety of Mezze in our 3 hour course.  This class will also include a demonstration of making Falafel from scratch and will also offer plenty of opportunities for sampling a variety of Middle Eastern ingredients.

Course Details

  • 3 hr session @ £60 per person 

Skill Level

For the enthusiastic cook who is comfortable working at speed.



Middle Eastern Mezze Course

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Our updated menus in our Middle Eastern Mezze Class feature some new and tempting dishes from around the Middle East. They include Koftes, Spiced Halloumi,  Harra potatoes, layered Hummus Musabha and a delicious Hummus Beiruty. We have also added some Sweet Mezze dishes for a delicious end to your meal. Book now for an exciting Middle Eastern experience

4/9 – 16/10  : Menu 1 – Falafel – Hummus Bieruty – Spicy Halloumi – Mini Baklava

22/8 – 19/9 – 30/10  : Menu 2 – Lamb/Mushroom Fatayer – Aubergine Fatteh – Labne Balls – Fattouche

1/10 – 14/11   : Menu 3 – Chicken Mussakhan – Muhammara – Harra Potatoes –  Basboosa


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