National Vegetarian Week

We at Kitchen Skills are so excited about National Vegetarian Week! Given all the fabulous veg in season, now is the perfect time to go Veggie for the week. Fingers crossed we get the promised heatwave to make sure wonderful salads will be back on the menu – another platform for delicious and nutritious veggie meals.


Kelly and I have been inspired by the number of people that have voiced an interest in our vegetarian and vegan classes, so we’re offering some special classes to celebrate National Vegetarian Week (More info and ideas to get involved here).


First up is the on- trend Buddha Bowl. Who doesn’t like the thought of bowls of goodness overflowing with grains, protein and veggies? The Buddha Bowl has amazing ingredients cooked and served in different but complementary ways and tailored to your taste buds.




We’re running our Bhudda Bowl class on Thursday; a perfect way to make the most of the beautiful spring vegetables which are at their best right now and are wonderfully suited to these Bowls.

On Saturday we are offering an Indian Vegetarian Course where we’ll be making cauliflower with potato (Aloo Gobi), beans/lentils with spinach (Saag Dahl) and spiced okra (Bhindi). These three dishes are takeaway favourites, but nothing rivals the dishes made at home. Fresher, lighter, and with the seasonal veggies shining through – we can’t wait to enjoy it all with you!



You can book through our website with all the details. Don’t miss out on the season and Veggie week, so stop by and enjoy it all with us!

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