Farah Hamid

Farah Hamid

Montessori Teacher

Farah Hamid is a trained and qualified Montessori teacher. She has run cooking classes for children inspired by the Montessori philosophy of a hands-on approach and tailors her programmes to the abilities and interests of the group.

Farah has taught a variety of courses, in adult education centers, at home and school cookery clubs and has done a lot of baking for bazaars and markets. Having spent a considerable time in the Middle East Farah is passionate about the cuisine of the region and is looking forward to passing on all she has absorbed from her time there.

The Kitchen Skills studio grew out of a vision Farah developed while designing cooking courses for her sons and their friends before they left for university. She had been horrified by the suggestion that they were preparing themselves for ‘living on Pot Noodles’! Farah is looking forward to running courses for children, students, and adults who share her desire for freshly prepared, creative and culturally rich eating.

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