5 basic meals by 12 years old

As a nation we have become too reliant on ready meals and convenient eating at the click of a button. Quite apart from the additive-driven, processed content of microwave meals and the disturbing forward-march of obesity, we have forgotten that learning how to cook is about more than what we eat – it is about learning a life-skill and an opportunity to be creative and more confident in the kitchen.

A local council recently published a study saying that every 11-12 year old should know how to prepare at least 5 basic meals. This is a real problem that we have to address. Encouraging children to take more control over what they eat, and have a lot of fun in the process, will help to address this problem. At Kitchen Skills we teach everybody, from young people to adults, to engage with ingredients, embrace London’s world-leading food culture, and give people the confidence to experiment with a variety of techniques

Whether you are new to cooking or would like to expand your expertise and experiment with unfamiliar flavours or cuisines, we are sure you will find something to excite you at the Kitchen Skills studio. Teaching people to cook is all about sparking a passion. We pass on this passion through a combination of our available courses, including:

-Basic Food Experiences for Children: Learning about and using basic cooking methods and a variety of fresh and nutritious ingredients

-Basic Cooking for Adults: Encouraging people to cook and bake and become more comfortable in the kitchen

-Global Food Series: Inspiring people to experiment with global cuisine

-Specialist Health Series: Helping people suffering with Diabetes, IBS, Cancer to tailor their diet to help ease symptoms.

-University Cooking: Preparing school leavers for the independence of university by cooking tasty, healthy meals on a budget.

-Masterclasses: Demonstrations of more complex recipes, packed full of useful tips and handy tricks.

-Special Weekend Series: Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays – come along with friends and family to improve your skills in a social environment.

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