Foundations of Indian Cookery (3)

—Explore the world of Indian Spices—

Foundations of Indian Cookery (3)

Learn about the very basics of Indian Cookery. Explore spices and herbs and experiment with them to learn about the compatibility of different spices and herbs with a variety of ingredients and learn about the basic techniques used in Indian homes. We will also be talking about the regional differences in Indian cuisine from the dairy, wheat and meat-based cuisine of the north to the coconut, seafood and fiery curries of the south. Learn about how healthy Indian food cooked at home can be, especially for people following a vegetarian or vegan diet. Our 3rd course in this series offers a new menu to highlight the regional differences and learn some new techniques.

Course Details

  • 2.5 hour course for one £40.00

Skill Level

Following a recipe and an understanding of skills such as chopping, sautéing, baking is required.



Foundations of Indian Cookery Course (3)

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From: £40.00

Our third course in this series continues to teach more techniques of Indian Cookery and explore the world of Indian spices and ingredients with a new and exciting menu.  We will be focusing more on the regional differences and will include dishes that highlight the differences. Come and learn how to create food that’s fresh and healthy and showcases the subtle flavours and nourishing properties of Indian cuisine.



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